• for 3 dancers (2017)

    "Stück für drei Tänzer" is a piece by is a performance by: Valentina Boneva, Liliana Ferri, Foteini Papadopoulou, Alejandro Russo, Lukas Tobiassen

    director: Foteini Papadopoulou

  • PICKNICK (2017)

    ...an seltsam lichter Stelle...

    realisiert im EarPort Duisburg, Sonntag 28. Mai 2017 | 18.00 Uhr


    - handeln Sie nur auf Anweisung
    - verlassen Sie die gekennzeichneten Pfade nicht
    - verhalten Sie sich ruhig
    - bleiben Sie immer in der Gruppe

  • Ooze Of A Crushed Bouquet (2016)

    for 4 channel tape and Performer

    Duration: 12' - 13'

    Permiered at EarPort in Combination with an installation of Johanna Meyer and Birte Lüderitz as Performer.


    There is also a fixed media version (duration: 8'26")

  • Vacuumed (2016)

    for 2 Performers

  • Der Schlaf der Vernunft (2015)

    for Altoflute, Bass clarinet, Accordion, performer, lights and live electronics

    inspired by "The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters", an etching by the Spanish painter and printmaker Francisco Goya

  • as far as abstract objects (2014)

    Sound composition for the contemporary dance theater piece by Foteini Papadopoulou

    as far as abstract objects / teaser 1 from Foteini Papadopoulou on Vimeo.

    "What do you see, when you observe movement?"
    Whether playfull real-time visualizations, elegant and invigorating dance phrases or space-filling sound installations: In as far as abstract objects the audience is confronted with an extraordinary stage situation. Each audience member views and experiences a different version of the piece. Under the observing eye of a refined media technology four performers search for intermedial spaces, perspectives and the way we perceive time and space through movement.

    as far as abstract objects is a multimedia experience, in which body, sound and image meet and blend with each other in an unexpected way. 
    Artists, scientists and technicians where challenged by choreographer Foteini Papadopoulou to catch the complex subtleties of movement, to modify them and - at the constantly shifting boarder between the abstract and the concrete - to artistically articulate them in a distinct way.

  • WörterKörper (2011)

    Sound composition for the contemporary dance theater piece by Foteini Papadopoulou

    duration: ca. 70'

  • furrynurture (2005)

    da wood in da furrr